Introgenic government

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Topic: Response and Social Policy paper on “Iatrogenic Government” The response to drug use in America and in some countries around the world seems to have an interesting history. As the author Daniel Patrick Moynihan describes the unintended consequences society faces when government does not deal effectively with issues of drugs in society. He provided several references that shows the historical and present connections to government interrelations and how many of these decisions have some form of negative impact and at times causes social breakdown. His historical reference to drug uses, medicinal properties as well as technology role in our present age does paint a vivid picture of how government decisions can affect us. Since…show more content…
Thus as the author begins to address the issues related to drugs his reference about the government’s approach ring truth “The truth in either event is that we were mostly asserting what we did not know and would need to learn” (pg. 353). The author’s reference to technology is relevant but I will address the issue of technology later on as I respond to his summary. The history of drug use represents lessons that were long been seen but obviously overlooked by doctors as well as pharmaceutical companies. The earlier efforts by government to regulate drug use or alcohol consumption began with some regulations on Jamaican rum. Since distilled liquor was used in social events, the government approaches in regulating the trafficking of the “distilled liquor” was by levying heavy fines on the general tariff bill. The cost of importing Jamaican rum was costlier than distilled liquor here in America. Again, at the time, the government was mostly dealing with the abolition of slavery and again the issues around alcohol consumption were minimally dealt with. Distilled spirits in earlier America was part of bringing Americans together during times of unity. It was a time to earn easy money and have an all-around good time (pg. 354). People enjoyed alcohol in the morning for breakfast as well as a celebratory thing. The government knew that drinking alcohol or distilled liquor caused some medical issues but again, the
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