Intropersonal Communication

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Dustin Miller
COM 136
April 22, 2013
Research Paper
As technology continues to advance everyday, verbal conversation is becoming less common. Even though texting is becoming more common, it is making understanding ones tone and view on a conversation difficult to understand. People aren’t necessarily able to express emotion over text, regardless of punctuation. One still isn’t able to determine if a person could be joking, serious, sarcastic, or lying because sending a text isn’t the same as speaking to a person face to face. Me personally, I have reaped the repercussions of jumping to conclusions with my conversations through text. With personal experiences, research, and findings I will elaborate more on the topic of how conversation
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I personally can see myself not being able to concentrate in class as much because I have a significant other that texts me as well as all my other friends who I don’t see all the time. Not only that but social media as well which makes being able to concentrate in class difficult and being able to focus during work is just as difficult. Texting has made a big impact on conversational aspects in multiple different ways most outweighing the positives.
The effects of texting on intrapersonal relationships I found were majority negative. Basically today texting has become the main form for contacting people that aren’t close to you. Many individuals use texting to express their feelings, keep in touch with friends, and avoid communication orally. Even though texting is convenient, simple, and simple it is causing a severe negative effect on face-to-face conversations. It has come to the point where texting is actually replacing face-to-face communication where people are even too scared to meet a person physically to speak face-to-face. Nonverbal Competency is “the ability to process and use non-verbal codes to convey content in effective ways.” The nonverbal codes don’t exist because there isn’t a receiving party. No vocal characteristics, body movements, or facial expressions of any kind with which to gauge from conversation. Texting has made people lazy and lack face-to-face conversation skills. Texting has made people shorten their words,
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