Introversion In Quiet By Susan Cain

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Quiet is a book written by Susan Cain on introversion. She examines the facets of introversion, and explores how introverts fit into the world, America mainly. As an introvert herself, she is biased, but her extensive research and artful viewpoints give clear insights into both introversion and extroversion. The book covers history, psychology, and present day, real-life situations that dictate and are dictated by the polar temperaments. Cain arranges her information into four parts: how introverts’ place in America morphed into what it is, the science behind introverts, introverts in other cultures, and how introverts should apply all of it. By dusting off the ignored and abused book of introversion, Cain reveals the realities of a temperament…show more content…
In Quiet, Cain classifies introversion as a temperament that prefers low stimulation, works slowly and deliberately, and gain energy from solitude; extroversion is the opposite, with an inclination for high stimulation, fast living, and constant socializing. In Part One: The Extrovert Ideal, Cain examines the cause and effect of the rise of extroversion in America. According to Cain, America used to be a culture based on character that shifted into a culture revolving around personality. Not just any personality, the American ideal became a gregarious, friendly persona that was an eloquent speaker and sparkling individual. Cain researched a vastly successful individual, Harvard Business School, and an evangelical megachurch with similar results and observations: it was assumed that to be a leader and make any headway in life, one must be an extrovert. However, neither introvert nor extrovert is more suited to leadership, but rather it depends on other factors unique to each situation. Extroversion does not make one a better leader, or a success. In fact, introversion has a key strength when it comes to leadership and the workplace: introverts have the ability to master a skill, focus on one project until fruition, and basically spend hours achieving better results than the more flighty extrovert. Introverts possess an endurance and persistence that extroverts may
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