Introvert And Extroverts

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People often doubt the amount of potential that each of the three personality types can carry. The introvert, the middle ground ambivert, and the extrovert all have different ways of functioning, sort of like a computer software. Each person is set up differently and that is important to understand when you have a person stepping up and taking the lead. People need to be aware that introverts are thinkers, that ambiverts hold the middle ground between introverted and extroverted, and that extroverts, while people oriented are not necessarily detail oriented.
To begin many people have it embedded in their mind that introverts are shy and timid people; due to their lack of communication in social settings or having the need to be alone.
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Nevertheless, introverted business leaders are more likely to listen to everyone's ideas and take everyones opinions in consideration before making a final decision. “Introverts are listeners, observers and synthesizers” (Bernstein, E., 2015, p.3). What about the ambiverts? Where do they stand and how do they contribute their part of the role to society as the middle ground, between introverted and extroverted?
Most people only ever hear about introverts and extroverts and never really think anything else of it. Not to mention, that business people who work in management often times do personality tests with their colleagues. Whether it be the Myer Briggs Test or an I or E Test it isn’t enough evidence to solely use that information. People need to acknowledge “that preference plays out in their day-to-day work, and how they might not be an I or an E all the time” (Weinstein, M. 2017, p.23). Most people show that they are mostly dominant as an introvert or an extrovert; yet to be only lenient on only one side of the spectrum would most likely drive one insane. As those who fall in the middle of the continuum are called ambiverts (Weinstein, M. 2017, p.23) meaning that most people may have a dominant introvert or extrovert personality and still carry some of
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