Intrusive Memories Of Feliia Case Study

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o Recurrent, intrusive memories of Felicia’s death (Duration: approx. 9 months; Frequency: every day, multiple times per day) o Nightmares- sometimes associated with Felicia’s death (Duration: approx. 9 months; Frequency: almost every night). This has resulted in difficulty sleeping. o Avoidance behaviors as connected to Felicia’s death (Duration: 9 month; Frequency: almost every day). Josh reported that there are few places he will visit, because he is often triggered by memories of Felicia. These avoidance behaviors have impacted his ability to go to work, resulting in him taking an absence from his residency. o Alcohol Use (Duration: on and off since teenager, recent increase in the past 9 months; Frequency: “almost every night” until
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