`` Invading Our Privacy `` : How Technology Can Make People Expose Their Privacy Online

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Private privacy is personal information that people keep secret from the public; it also means to refrain people from knowing about them or their situations. Many companies and businesses wants to protect people from hackers and thieves from using their information, such as Social Security and credit card barcodes; consequently, hackers use people’s information to buy illegal products or to expose explicit information from their social media pages to the public. Other suggested that personal privacy does not exist when the government is watching people, stopping terrorists and criminals from plotting attacks against their communities. David Plotz, a writer and deputy editor of Slate, wrote an essay entitled “Privacy is Overrated” to talk about how personal privacy is a myth. In the other side, David Schinke, editor chief of Utne Reader, wrote an essay entitled “Invading Our Privacy” to persuade how technology can make people expose their privacy online. Both essays created two different perspectives on personal privacy. One essay discussed what the nostalgias’ perspective of personal privacy is and how the society of America individualized people rather than the nation as a whole. The other essay talks about how society, including young people, use technology to expose their thoughts without considering the consequences. In order to decide which essay made an effective argument towards the topic, one essay has to provide specific evidence related to the topic, to organize

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