Invasion Of Squirrel Research Paper

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Invasion of the Squirrels Living in the suburbs makes one vulnerable to the massive squirrel population. We see them leaping from tree to tree. As we are driving out of the neighborhood and the poor squirrel seems undecided whether to keep going across street or go to back, we unintentionally crush it. I believe I have a phobia for squirrels. I feel so helpless when I see them. I fear they will attack and bite me. They seem so hungry, but they look like they are eating very well. I hear they say squirrels eat nuts, - “yeah right “, well they must be eating something more because they look so plump. Where do they live or shall I ask where do they make their homes? I can’t imagine why anyone would want to keep one as a pet, when they look and…show more content…
Oh what a helpless experience I’ve had during my lifetime. You see, as a child growing up I think I was traumatized by the one squirrel who got in our home through the washer and dryer connection. That squirrel was bouncing off the walls and going crazy. My mom locked us all in her bedroom and call 911. The firefighters came and had to come through the window because we were too afraid to come and open the door for them. They the squirrel and I never look at a squirrel the same since. I thought how you dare invade our space like that. Another memorable experience is when I came home from the hospital after having surgery. I be doggone, an invasion of squirrels! The attic door was propped open with a stick (a broken piece from the dropped down latter). I didn’t know they are that smart. They came down and made themselves at home in my
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