Invasion Of The Internet : Privacy Vs. Internet

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Privacy Vs. Internet

The comfort of our homes, personal computers, and bank accounts are all private things, or are they? Little do most people know how vulnerable they are. Today with sites such as; Snapchat, Instagram, Twitter and Facebook people feel more connected than ever, but sometimes personal information gets hacked. Imagine buying something online with a credit card and next the card information is being sold on the dark web. Privacy can not only be online but also physical. Our homes are thought to be very secure and private but the invasion of personal privacy can also be crossed.

Most people download a protective software on their computer to fight against viruses and hackers. There are Youtube videos and step by step videos and diagrams on how to set a virus on a computer. Just clicking on a sketchy web address can ruin a computer. Just like human viruses, there are symptoms for computers with viruses. Slow service, the “screen of death” which is a blue screen that does nothing, programs closing on their own, pop ups, lack of storage and spam. Malware is the software used to commit the crime. Richard Boman explains, “The Morris Worm was one of the earliest viruses and its purpose was to destroy software but other than that did nothing”. Most early viruses were created just to see how much damage could be achieved. Lauren Clark reports, “ Writing a computer virus is an intentional action. It can be an outlet for a rebellious teen nowadays” (Clark).
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