Invasion of Privacy in the Workplace

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Title: Invasion of Privacy in the Workplace OMM 640: Ethics and Social Responsibility Instructor: David Bouvin Debbie Barrow May 07, 2012 Do you feel like your workplace is your safe haven? Is your privacy invaded in your workplace? Can employers read your e-mail; monitor your blog or social network post. Employees peeping over your shoulder (sneakily), or even putting up a surveillance camera, as an employee, we should not have to be fall a victim to such behavior. We all know that most information is not kept in the workplace. A workplace search can be very upsetting, infringing on an employee 's expectation of privacy in the workplace. On the job, we tend…show more content…
I feel that what a person does on his or her day taken off is none of the employers business Privacy in the workplace is one of the more troubling personal and Professional issues in this day and time. Privacy cannot be adequately addressed without considering a basic foundation of ethics. We cannot reach a meaningful normative conclusion about workplace privacy rights and obligations without a fundamental and common understanding of the ethical basis of justice and a thorough understanding of individual and organizational concerns and motivations. An example of my privacy being taken away from me was via e-mail. I had applied for a job as a teacher for K-3 grade. I applied for the job on my lunch break. I forgot to close the website after I finished and proceeded to the bathroom. Hours later, the news was all over the workplace and I felt so embarrassed. I cannot say who read the mail because I was not there; however, my private workspace and computer was a violation of some kind. How do I suppose to handle a problem like this? What are my rights? Moor (1997) points out that in the U.S. the concept of privacy has evolved from one concerned with intrusion and interference to one
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