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In the 1956 film "Invasion of the Body Snatchers", the birth of something horrifying takes place in Santa Mira, California. Dr. Bennell and Becky are two long lost loves from their youth and are reunited after years of no contact. Upon returning from a business trip Dr. Bennell notices odd occurances that start unraveling before him. After a few instances of strange behavior among Dr.Bennell's patients begin to take place he quickly becomes aware of an imminent epidemic spreading through the town.

The parallels between the theme of the film and rising fears of communism and related topics of concern during that time are captivating. Communism was an ideology originating in the Soviet Union with the ideas of establishing a
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It wasn't until he began to see for himself the body casts of his friends and loved ones in transformation that he began to believe it himself. At first the pod developed itself inside of a greenhouse, it then proceed to create human figures that looked exactly as the people of the town. Once the "look alike" has formed completely, the real human that the pod would take over must fall asleep in order for their body and mind to be possessed. Once possessed, there is a drastic change in movement, emotion, and speech. The pod is just a body that needs to survive and will do whatever it takes in order to exitcute its main objective. The same went for the rising fear of Communism moving in. It started like a seed blowing in the wind, as referred to beginning form of pods in "Body Snatchers". Those small seeds turned into larger pods and the hub of fear, the mother ship was represented by the large seething plant producing carbon copies of the humans they intended on taking over. This was the view of so many of what would happen if Americans did not hold tight and secure to their capitalist roots.

Capitalism is the ideology of a market economy, where most production and forms of the economic system were privately owned. There was an idea of liberty and freedom that went along with the ideologies of capitalism which sent rushes of fear to the possibility of what the U.S.'s understanding was of the absolute

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