Invasive Species Essay

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A species that are non-native to where they are located and are likely to cause environmental or economical issues; that is what invasive species are known for. They are transported through human activities such as trading; they may have been from the person’s clothing or from what they were travelling on and they can range from plants to animals. They are a problem as they threaten the lives of the native animals and damage our own economy. They are able to succeed in their environment as they normally had very few predators or competitors for resources, capability of living in different environments, and have high rates of reproduction and growth. One of these kinds of species would be the zebra mussels and the following will explain what…show more content…
In the 1980’s, the zebra mussels arrived in the United States as an invasive species after being carried through the ballast of ships. With that, they began to feed on the native mussels and compete with them for filtering food that the natives eat themselves. They eventually become successful in their environment after spreading throughout the Great Lakes and the many rivers in the United States through the ability to live in various environments, and latch onto other objects to move around, and reproduce at an incredibly rapid pace. However, despite the zebra mussels spreading throughout the area, there are various options that humans took to deal with the zebra…show more content…
One of the ways that they deal with the zebra mussels is through wiping out the current infestations that exist to threaten man-made structures and businesses. The way they do this is through placing chemicals in the water, mechanical scraps, and filters to prevent further spreading. Another way that humans deal with the zebra mussels is through implementing rules of cleaning crafts and live bait. This is done in order to prevent any further introduction of bodies of water. However, there are consequences if these species are left unchecked by not attempting to do the previous
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