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In Ohio there are several non-native plant species that are considered as invasive species. Invasive species are plants that are non-native (or alien) to an ecosystem, whose introduction causes or is likely to cause economic and environmental harm or harm to human health. Invasive plants are known to invade spaces and crowd out native species. An example of an invasive species is the Multiflora Rose ( “What is an Invasive Species”) National Invasive Species Information Center. United States Department of Agriculture.
The Multiflora Rose(scientific name) is originally native to eastern Asia. It is also baby rose, and rambler rose. Its habitat consists of natural environments like open woodlands, forest edges, successional fields, and savannas. The rose is classified in the plantae kingdom, magnoliophyta division, magnoliopsida class, rosales order, rosaceae family, rosa genus, and the species is rosa multiflora thunb. This species can’t tolerate temperatures below -28 degrees.It can also reproduce up to 500,00 seeds per year per plant.( Zoe, “Invasive to Maine” The Maine
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The flower changes our ecosystem by the aggressive growth and dense thickets that exclude most native shrubs and herbs from establishing in our ecosystems.( “ Multiflora Rose” SHRUBS and SUBSHRUBS).
What is an invasive species? Invasive species are species that are non-native to an ecosystem that causes or is likely to cause harm. Ohio’s invasive species is the Multiflora Rose a plant that is spread by humans animals and even by itself. This plant can be found in large areas of land where you will see it over growing and excluding native
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