Invention Exhibit Each Area

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In the Places of Invention exhibit each area was sectioned based upon time, color, and geographic location. The visitor took a colorful journey through time across the United States. The materials used for the exhibit includes plexiglass, sintra, plywood, glass, metal, quartz like material, and plastic kickboards. The pexiglass was placed over laminated pieces of sintra or plywood to create the signs. The signage and wall text was mostly white with boarders of the section’s theme color and the texts in black. Many of the signs and wall pieces had objects (gears, headphone, and cystoscopes) printed into paper behind the pexiglass. The base of the case hold the artifacts were metal and the covering for the cases was made of glass. The Hartford section used dark orange, brownish orange, and lighter orange. The additional color used for signage and wall text where white with black text which made it easier for the guest to read in the low lighting. The color orange is associated with creativity, change and determination. This goes well with the tone of the Hartford section because it discusses the 1800s in a factory town where the boom of the industrial revolution was taking place, a time of intense creativity and change. In the Medical Alley section the design team used red. This section discussed medical invention of pacemakers and how open heart surgery was revolutionized. I feel red was very fitting because it made the section feel intense. In this section the red
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