Invention Process

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"Invention" The invention process to any good piece of literature involves re-thinking and re-writing of initial ideas to improve upon previous concepts. My first attempt at discovering a thesis for the Explaining Relationships Essay seemed to be too broad, leaving me without public resonance. There was not a noticeable struggle through the invention process, because most of the questions asked in the book aiding in invention can be answered without a relevant thesis. Simply exploring the meaning behind my writing was the portion (and most important) part of the invention process I struggled with. For the most part, my own intellect created or invented those initial ideas; however, this lead me to wonder if my paper had any…show more content…
This forced me to invent (and re-invent) thoughts derived from my own mind and the insight of my peers. By consulting my peers and instructor I further developed my ideas without having the influence or urge to "copy" another writer's work. The sources I used as works consulted were not that of papers which have the same thesis as mine (as many of my peers were), but simply web pages and articles which helped enforce my ideas. I started my paper with a brief history of what would eventually lead into my topic. To ensure that this information was accurate, I utilized Google as a starting point for research. I also gathered ideas from recollections in my past and proceeded to gather more information on them using common search engines. If more time had been available for the composition of my essay I believe deeper insight into my thesis and support would have key relevance. Many of the examples used in formatting my essay were brief and to the point. While this was sufficient for the time and length constraints, more detail would have further developed and supported my thesis. With the help of my instructor, peers, and self-intellect my invention and re-invention process was a success. A different time restriction might have allowed me the opportunity to perform yet another invention process enabling an improvement to my thesis and essay.
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