Inventions That Will Probably Shape the 21st Century

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What are some inventions that will probably shape the twenty-first century? You are encouraged to write on the outcomes of having such kinds of inventions around.

Pangs of hunger strike late in the night. I wonder if anyone is up for some “mamak” food. Out comes my iPhone, and within minutes of posting a message on Twitter, I get responses from several friends - all hungry and quite willing to venture out in search for food. At the “mamak”, we see a trailer on the television in front of us for movie. My friend immediately whips out his Android phone and posts info about it on Facebook.

I cannot and dare not think about what this world would be without the existence of such inventions that have helped to make
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A mobile video version of Twitter popping up where high quality, real-time status updates are posted from 4G-enabled devices might also take effect soon enough. The smartphone and 4G were made for each other, with one giving all the applications your mobile life hungers for and the other offering the kind of streaming capability only previously available at home or at work.

With regards to smartphones, the current leader of the pack would no doubt be the iPhone with the iTouch and iPad not far behind. Apple, Inc. has always had the best looking, posh, sophisticated and futuristic designs imaginable. This was no different when it came to designing their iPhones. When everybody had the rectangular looking phones with microscopic displays and oversized keyboards, Apple released a sleek looking device with applications and gadgets integrated that was directed to the younger generation. Although the more technology-savvy audience would know how to appreciate such a device more, the iPhone’s design attracted everyone’s attention despite their ages. Apple’s ideas are so high in demand that their competition has resorted to planning their strategies as iPhone clones, like the HTC products with their Android platforms and BlackBerry phones with their Google links.

The creation of the iPhone has changed the way people use their mobile phones. The iPhone allows easy and fast access to social networking media with just a touch of the finger on its
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