Inventions and Advancements that Took Place During World War II

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Everything has changed, from the way leftover dinner scraps are saved to the way people dress today. Conservation, invention, and advancements that took place during World War II have shaped and affected lives around the world. Although most inventions during that time were made specifically for the war, they managed to find their way into mainstream life (Science). Like an infectious disease, technological advancements boomed and became contagious, spreading around the world. World War II has advanced technology, science, math, and medicine; and it has affected the lives of people now and in the 1940s more than any other war fought. Radar made an enormous impact in the war. It used released radio signals to detect objects such as ships…show more content…
During the 1930s, the military performed experiments on airplanes in order to achieve their big goal: flying at high altitudes. After the success of the pressurized cabin, it made it easier to fly passengers and to fly the plane. This cabin made it possible for pilots to fly at high altitudes without freezing or suffocating and has impacted the way airplanes are made and flown today (Pomata). Through aviation medicine safety belts and helmets were invented for transportation during the war as well (War 7). Today, they are used in cars, on motorcycles and airplanes, and even while riding a bike. The advancements in aviation medicine have kept people safe since World War II. During the war, scientists worked together to create a healthy, tasteful diet for the soldiers at war. They worried about food conservation and storage and how they were going to prepare the food. They also worried about what a soldier would do for food if an emergency took place. So scientists started making a food that was small, tasteful, and did not weigh much. This was called the “D” ration. It was a chocolate bar that contained nearly 1,800 calories, weighed 4 ounces, and did not melt in high temperatures. Also, the energy bar tasted “a little better than a boiled potato” because they did not want soldiers eating them unless there was an emergency (War 8). Nutrition
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