Inventory And Quality Management : Supply Chain Management

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INVENTORY AND QUALITY MANAGEMENT IN SUPPLY CHAIN In supply chain inventory and quality management play a prominent role that helps to meet the demand for products in supply chain. Here customer service is important variable which is becomes the reason for development of any industry or organization. Level of customer service has particular objectives particularly reaching organizational goals and demand of customer in time. Supply chain management key objective is to fulfill the customer demands within the promised time that specific objective has great demand in present market. A supply chain management strategy involves maintaining quality in products that are delivered to the customer in time. Quality is one the important objectives of supply chain management because customer expects quality in products and has to be delivered as per the requirement of the customers. Therefore we can assume that there will be cost for transporting products of various kinds of products that might be helpful in deducing costs between customer service and service cost. As long as inventory tends to facilitate customer service and a cost of inventory develops, therefore losing of customer and sales gradually decreases. The objective of inventory management is to develop coordination between customer service and inventory costs and applying objectives to quality management is not so easy in present market. ELEMENTS OF INVENTORY MANAGEMENT Inventory means produced items that are stored in a
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