Inventory Control And Search Of Supply

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"The initiation phase is divided into the phases of needs assessment, inventory control and search of sources of supply.
Needs assessment is: The determination of the required needs of materials, products and services in the required quantity and quality to provide the service.
Inventory control and identification of new needs to be ordered: Balance of identified needs with the existing inventory in order to determine the re-ordering need.
Search for suitable sources of supply for the new materials and services to be procured.
The agreement period is divided into the phases: supplier selection, budget approval and order. Supplier selection: Decision for a particular supplier.
Approval: If the order volume exceeds a certain amount, the approval of the purchasing manager, for example, is required.
Order: Forwarding the order to the carrier and the accounting.
The implementation phase is divided into the phases of order monitoring, goods receipt, invoice verification and payment.
Order Monitoring: Order monitoring checks whether the order is fulfilled and the ordered materials are delivered by the agreed deadline.
Receipt of goods: Delivery of goods and materials and control of the quality and quantity ordered.
Auditing and payment processing: Review and approval of the invoice and the payment transaction. "

4.2 Production process

Production processes are the focus of operational goods and services.
Production processes are closely connected with logistical processes that…
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