Essay Inventory Control Automated Office System (Icaos)

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Inventory Control Automated Office System David Pierce Individual Project IS316 - Systems Analysis and Design Professor: Erlan Burk Park University Fall II 2010 Table of Contents System Description 2-3 Functional Description 4-5 Data Dictionary 6-8 Context Level Diagram and Child Diagram 9-12 System Input, Output Forms, and Interfaces 13-14 Testing, Maintenance and Auditing 15 System Description System Name Inventory Control Automated Office System (ICAOS) Type of System ICAOS is an Automated Office System using an Oracle Database and front end application. The ICAOS will coincide with the current timekeeping…show more content…
System Boundaries The ICAOS will be on a dedicated server, and the input functions will be accessed by warehouse personnel and management. The reporting and tracking functions will be accessed by supervisors and management only via a pass code. External Interfaces The ICAOS will interface with the current online ordering system, and will generate orders within the system. Once the order is downloaded into the system, it can be accessed by management or supervisors, and scanned for input by employees. The bills of lading also function the same way on the receiving end. The current ordering system allows vendors to send shipment contents electronically, and they can be accessed for input by employees by scanning the bill of lading. Internal Interfaces The ICAOS will also interface with the current KRONOS time keeping system. This will allow for efficiency tracking and report generation that can tell the number of items received, moved, or shipped per hour by employee. System Relationship With Organizational Mission The warehouse mission is to provide the right product at the right time at the right price. This system will allow the managers and supervisors to not only ensure that each and every employee is dedicated to that mission, but it will allow them to track the products in inventory, and forecast needs more accurately, so as to provide the customer with excellent
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