Inventory Control at Wheeled Coach Inc.

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Company Profile: Wheeled Coach Wheeled Coach Industries, Incorporated is the largest manufacturer of ambulances and rescue vehicles. The subsidiary of Collins Industries, Inc. was founded in 1975, and is currently based in Winter Park, Florida. Wheeled Coach, led by their President Bob Collins, Jr. employs a highly trained production team of over three hundred and fifty personnel who are responsible for the assembly and final production of all ambulances in their production facility. Wheeled Coach offers its product through their dealers, their global sales network, direct sales, and online. The company’s keys to success include, but are not limited to: custom designs, the use of work cells, a single focus factory design, an innovative…show more content…
A specific calculation to determine which inventory items to classify to which inventory category is as follows: determine the percentage of the item of total inventory, multiply the units by the unit cost to achieve the annual dollar volume, then group items with the highest dollar volume in category A, the middle set of dollar volumes to category B, and the remaining number of items in category C. Wheeled Coach has implemented ABC analysis system by keeping the inventory in control and maintaining tight security over Category A inventory. Materials classified as Category A items would include, aluminum, truck chassis, and plywood. The company has also separated its major raw materials, Category A inventory, in a separate stockroom that requires a Bill of Materials (BOM) to be utilized in production. Cycle Counting: Wheeled Coach has also implemented cycle counting. A cycle counting inventory approach counts inventory on a regular, predetermined basis dependent upon the items class. Expensive or difficult to acquire inventory, Class A inventory, would be counted more frequently to account for inventory and to identify errors. For example, A items are counted on a short cycle biweekly. B items are counted once a month by personnel and C items, less expensive or integral items, are counted on a bi monthly cycle. Cycle counting

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