Inventory Management Systems Essay

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In today's business environment, even many smaller businesses have come to rely on computerized inventory management systems. Automated systems can replace the cost and time consuming processes that were once completed by hand while providing companies with more accurate data. Inventory control is important to ensure control in businesses that handle transactions revolving around consumer goods. Without proper inventory control, a store may run out of stock on an important item. A good inventory control system will alert the retailer when it is time to reorder ( It will also aid in the prevention of theft and product loss. Overall, a good inventory system will increase the value of your business, satisfy your customers…show more content…
The initial cost of the system, includes the purchase of the hardware and software needed to effectively label and track inventory. Required hardware: • PC (laptop) (Dell Latitude E6420 (32-bit - 4 GB RAM - Windows 7 - 320 GB disk - Intel CPU - 2.66 GHz CPU - NVIDIA GPU - With DVD Drive - 1280 x 800 – Touchpad) purchased from for $669.00 • Backup/recovery and archive device (Dell PowerVault RD1000 – Removable Disk Storage) purchased from for $409.00 • Wireless router (Linksys E3200 High Performance Dual Band Router) purchased from for $149.00 • Mobile scanning device (Metrologic ScanPal 2) purchased from for $503.90 • Barcode printer (Zebra LP 2824 Plus) purchased from for $223.10 Required Software: • Inventory software, Microsoft Business Solutions Point of Sale Software (single user license), purchased from for $12.20 The total cost of the inventory system is $1966.20. This is an extremely affordable solution for a small business. Computer preventive maintenance means the operating system is more likely to be cleaned, fine-tuned and better prepared for the unexpected. If routinely scheduled maintenance tasks are not implemented, computers/servers become infected, tweaked and not ready for whatever
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