Inventory Policies and Procedures

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INVENTORY CONTROL POLICIES AND PROCEDURES PROPERTY CONTROL SYSTEM Departmental Issue Revised by: Lin Murray Inventory Control Coordinator April 2008 Table of Contents Introduction System Benefits Equipment Responsibilities Equipment Inventory Control Coordinator Academic and Administrative Departments Non-Utilized Equipment Storage/Surplus Acquisition of Non-Utilized Equipment Surplus Property/E-mail Procedures Search for Equipment/Advertisement for Equipment Disposal of Equipment Transfer to Surplus/Redistribution Relocation of Equipment Temporary Loan of Equipment Temporary Loan of Equipment Form – Sample Internal Control Annual Equipment Audit Theft/Loss of State Assets Printout Distribution Frequently Asked Questions 3 4 4…show more content…
The Inventory Control Coordinator will put surplus equipment into the surplus storage area for redistribution and /or disposal according to PCS rules and regulations. 4 RESPONSIBILITIES EQUIPMENT INVENTORY CONTROL COORDINATOR Oswego State University of New York is accountable to Central Administration for maintaining the campus Property Control System (PCS) and accomplishing all necessary procedures to perpetuate the system. It is the primary responsibility of the Inventory Control Coordinator to: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. Educate the campus departmental personnel in the inventory control requirements of the Property Control System. Enforce procedures within this agency that will provide for required equipment control and reporting. Transmit all PCS transaction information to Central Administration. Supervise and conduct annual inventory of equipment as required by Audit and Control. Establish record and reporting procedures that will serve to maintain the campus PCS. Maintain a liaison with campus departments to assure compliance with all Property Control System requirements. ACADEMIC AND ADMINISTRATIVE DEPARTMENTS Perpetual updating of equipment records lies with the Inventory Control Coordinator, but this cannot be done without the assistance of the individual department members. It is the department’s responsibility to: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Notify the Inventory Control

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