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Wikipedia: Why it is not a Credible and Valid Source of Information MGT/521 - Management
May 21, 2012


There is increase in popularity and use of the Internet for research purposes by schools and students. Popular among the web-based information resource is the Wikipedia. Wikipedia is a free encyclopedia that uses wiki software for the creation and editing of contents on its site. The use of Wikipedia for research has increased over the years. It is the world's acclaimed 6th most visited website ("Most Popular Websites on the Internet", 2012) . This status is not without its own challenges. The main one being that of credibility. An online encyclopedia that allows anyone to edit its entries to some, limits its validity. This
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Wikipedia's contents are edited based on individuals perceived opinion or knowledge, unlike other online resources like the Oxford English Dictionary for example, which was developed by a carefully selected team of experienced professionals. By compromising traditional concept of authorship, Wikipedia affects associated issues of authority, originality, and value. When a source's authority and accuracy is in question then the credibility is not guaranteed.
Frankly, a site like Wikipedia that allows anyone to add, change, or remove information cannot be credible.

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The above referenced sources where selected for use based on credentials of the authors, the style and tone of writing, impartiality, and currency of the information presented. Web sources were cross-referenced with other websites and
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