Inventory and Costs

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IIM Lucknow, Noida Campus MANAGEMENT ACCOUNTING –II Assignment – II, Daniel Dobbins Distillery, Inc (Case Analysis) Submitted By: Rahul Srivastava (WMP08034) Vinay Joshi (WMP08045) ANALYSIS Company History * Founded in 1880 in Oakwoods by Daniel Dobbins. * Major product is Old Trailridge Bourbon Whisky * High quality of whisky due to the unusual iron-free spring water used in the distillation process and the specially prepared fire-charred white oak barrels used in the aging process. * David Dobbins takes over in 1973. * Constant demand over the years * High demand surge forecasted due to maturity of Baby boom generation. Manufacturing Process * Ingredients controlled by laws. * Barrels can…show more content…
You just can't age 50% more whiskey for the same amount of money. * The inventory account can only be charged with those costs associated with the direct production of whiskey, and our warehousing costs are handling or carrying costs, certainly not production costs. * The manufacturing process doesn't stop with the newly produced bourbon; why it isn't even marketable in that form. Aging is an absolutely essential part of the manufacturing process, and I think the cost of barrels and part of the warehouse labor should be treated as direct costs of the product. * Warehousing and aging costs are an absolutely essential ingredient of our final product. * Direct costs are those costs that are necessary to convert raw materials into the whiskey that goes into the aging barrels. * This is our cost of approximately $1 per gallon and includes the cost of raw materials going into the product such as grain, yeast, and malt; the direct labor necessary to convert these materials into whiskey; and the cost of any other overhead items that are needed to permit the workers to convert grain into whiskey. The Problem The main issue at Daniel Dobbins Distillery, Inc. is a disagreement among the senior management with regards to the allocation of costs. Specifically, it is a question of whether to include Ageing Costs, Cost of Barrels, and Warehouse Expense as a part of inventory (in which case it
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