Invesco Limited: Foreign Market Strategy and Recommendations

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Invesco Limited Describe which method(s) have been used to enter foreign markets. With more than 600 dedicated investment professionals worldwide and an operational network spanning over 20 countries, Invesco has the global capability to deliver our best ideas to investors around the world. Our "investors first" approach is built on a wide range of Investment Capabilities (Invesco, N.d.). Invesco has had a range of different market of market entry methods. It appears that their most utilized method has been through the capital and bond markets. Invesco can establish a new branch in a new market and then either inject cash or capital from their various funds. However, an investment in emerging market countries carries greater risks compared to more developed counties, for example many of the assets in these countries can be less liquid. The risks of investing in securities of foreign issuers can include fluctuations in foreign currencies, political and economic instability, and foreign taxation issues (Invesco, 2013). Therefore, there are both increased risks as well as opportunity in many of the emerging markets that Invesco is operating in. How has the company gained competitive advantage through global operations? Invesco Ltd. was originally founded in 1935 and is an independent investment management company. It operates in the financial services industry and is a global firm with branch offices in over twenty countries. The company offers a wide range of

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