Invesco's Multiple Asset Strategies

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This particular strategy is called Multiple Asset Strategies, and it involves focusing in a couple of different areas of investment. In addition to reducing the amount of risk for investors, the goal of this strategy is to "deliver positive absolute returns regardless of market conditions" (Hensel, 2008). The respective components of Multiple Asset Strategies focus on the public market and particularly that in Europe, the U.S., and in Asia.
The individual strategies that comprise Multiple Asset Strategies include those directed towards active currency, global tactical asset allocation, as well as risk premium capture. Each of these strategies correlates to a different discipline in investment, which includes Global Tactical Asset Allocation, U.S. Market Neutral Equity, and European Market Neutral Equity. The principle boon of these measures is that they effectively "provide attractive diversification benefits, with little or no correlation to the major equity and fixed income markets" (Hensel, 2008).
In this respect, the approach of Multiple Asset Strategies is distinct from that of conventional hedge fund of funds. It actually originated for public consumption in Australia in 2006 (Hensel, 2008). Additional benefits include the fact that the variety of measures used increase the propensity for liquidation, as well…
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