Investigating And Research A Hotel Accommodation Service Provider Essay

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Purpose: The purpose of this report is to investigate and research a hotel accommodation service provider.
Objectives: Following are the objectives which shall be covered in the report:
1. To discuss the facilities and services provided by the establishment
2. Evaluation of the front office and PMS.
3. Discuss and critique the different ways in which e-commerce is utilised in this establishment.
4. Discuss the environmental initiatives which have been implemented to address issues of sustainability.

About the Establishment (Sky city hotels, n.d.): The chosen establishment is SkyCity hotel. The hotel is located in Auckland City at the corner of Victoria and Federal Streets. The hotel is located in a prime location. It is just a 45 minute drive away from Auckland Airport and just 10 minutes away from Britomart . Britomart is the Auckland’s central bus and train station. The hotel is quite famous for its 328 metre high Sky Tower which gives a 360 degree view of Auckland.
Star Ratings:
• SkyCity hotel has been rated 4 stars by Qualmark
Services and Facilities: The following services are offered at Sky city hotel:
• If u are found of gambling the sky city provide u the facility of casino
• And if u want some time for fitness u can visit to there cardio room
• Full Concierge service
• Room services is 24 hour
• Executive Car Service
• Baby-sitting service
• Sky city have special valet parking so that it would be convenient for u to park your car

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