Investigating Buddhism 's Life And Life

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Investigating Buddhism Essay Once upon a time, there was a prince named Siddhartha Gautama. The prince’s birth was unusual. His mother had a dream that a white elephant entered her womb foretelling that her baby would be a Buddha. His father ruled the Shakya clan. King Suddhodana Gautama wanted Siddhartha to become a great ruler rather than a religious leader, so he created a protected environment for the young price. Despite his father’s efforts Siddhartha expressed signs of spiritual proclivity. He was unbeatable in martial arts and learned how to meditate so deeply as to levitate. Siddhartha grew progressively curious of the outside world, to the point of finally urging his father to allow him a chariot ride outside the confines of the place walls. In order to shelter the prince King Suddhodana rid the countryside of any of the four elements that might inspire the prince to consider religion. The king ban all the sick and old from sight, funeral processions became prohibited and all religious artifacts removed from the kingdom (Corduan, 2012). However, the Hindu devas had other plans for prince Siddhartha. They took the four forms that the king had so carefully admonished. One became an old man on the verge of dying, another took the form of a man with a disfiguring disease, the third sight was a funeral procession for a decomposing corpse and a holy monk displayed the serenity of a life of renunciation. Among the many troubling thoughts the young man had was the
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