Investigating Concepts Of A Digital Device Essay

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The purpose of this assessment is to investigate concepts relating to a system that is used within a digital device. For my assessment, I chose the A5158 model MP3 player that belongs to my dad.

The features of this device include:
High-Contrast LCD Display, Resolution 96 x 32
Integrated Flash Memory
Plays MP3 and WMA Digital Music Files FM Radio
4GB – Stores up to 1000 songs
USB 2.0 Hi-Speed for fast file transfers
Key lock preventing accidental key presses
Integrated 100mAh Lithium rechargeable battery – for up to 5 hours playback

Data Representation
In computer terms, a bit is a numeric value - either a zero or a one - that holds a single unit of digital information. Bits are usually strung together in a sequence - eight bits normally equals one byte. Bits are used to write binary numbers, which can be used to store decimal numbers such as 244 or 93 as patterns of ones and zeroes.

ASCII - or American Standard Code for Information Interchange - is a computer code that was developed to allow computers to convert human text into bits that computers could understand. In ASCII code, for example, the letter A is 65 - a number that can then be converted into the binary value 1000001.

In the 1960’s, the 7 bit ASCII table was first adopted. Within a 7 bit number, 128 different characters can be stored - English letters from A-Z (upper and lower case), numeric digits from 0-9 and “special” characters such as !/*+. The eighth bit was used to detect transmission errors.
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