Investigating Diabetes Mellitus And How It Affects The Body

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This composition case study will discuss Diabetes Mellitus, and how it affects the body. Diabetes can cause organ failure, cause injuries to heal slowly and amputations.

Component I. Diabetes Mellitus consists of two types, type one and type two. Type one diabetes affects major organs in the body, such as, the heart, nerves, eyes and kidneys. Type two diabetes also affects major organs, such as, the kidneys, heart, nerves, eyes and blood vessels. Type two diabetes can come about due to weight gain, and the pancreases gets lazy, and will no longer produce enough insulin on its own. The sagittal plane separates the body from left to right, and a person with diabetes may lose feelings and circulation on one side of the body. Functions separated by the sagittal plane can still function normally. Lower extremities (Transverse Plane) are affected greatly due to diabetes. People lose most, of if not all the feelings in their feet and toes. In some cases, feet can swell to a point where a person’s mobility is effected, and they require assistance or physical therapy. People with this disease can develop a gate imbalance as well, meaning that they can shake, or fall down easily when standing or walking. The disease can also affect sexual organs, or make it difficult for people to have sex. In men it can cause them not be able to obtain or even get an erection, and in women it can cause vaginal dryness, or decreased feeling while penetrated.
The human body is an integrated
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