Investigating Electromagnets Essays

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Investigating Electromagnets Aim: The aim of the experiment is to investigate what affects the strength of an electromagnet. Hypothesis: The more coils and electricity the more powerful the electromagnet becomes. Prediction: When the voltage of electricity is increased I think that the nail will have more magnetism allowing it to attract more paper clips, because with more voltage going through the circuit, it can then make the electromagnet stronger. Variables: Independent The independent variable which we can control is the amount of voltage we put through the electromagnet. In this case we have to change the amount of voltage to 2, 4, 6, 8, 10 and 12 volts. Dependant The dependant variable is the amount of paper clips…show more content…
Conclusion: My results told me that as I raised the voltage the electromagnet gained strength and attracted minimal paper clips, until I raised the volts to 8, 10 and 12 and that was when the electromagnet really started to pick-up a lot more paperclips. The trend showed that for every volt of electricity generated it attracted approximately one paper clip per volt. Therefore the trend showed that as the number of volts increased so too did the number of paper clips it attracted. Discussion: It would have a major affect if there were more turns in the wire because the more times you coil the wire around the iron object the more electricity and power it gives the electromagnet. The effect of changing the core would have possibly made the electromagnet weaker because other metal aren’t as strong as iron. The effect of increasing the voltage would have made an electromagnet stronger because as mentioned above the more electricity and the more coils you add the stronger you make the magnet. Evaluation: It was confusing trying to set the equipment up because we had to change a lot of things that were different to what our science book said because we didn’t have enough equipment to be able to do the proper experiment so we had to improvise. There maybe some errors in my method with people understanding my explanation on how to do the experiment because the instructions may be interpreted differently. In my
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