Investigating Emotions, Attitudes, And Job Satisfaction

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Case Study 1: Examining Emotions, Attitudes, and Job Satisfaction
Trametria Austin
Theodore Gorczyca
BUS 520

Trader Joe’s started out in the 1950’s as a convenient store chain called Pronto Market’s and was found in the 1960’s and changed to Trader Joe’s. The stores begin to package innovative great tasting food and offered everyday low pricing. The store is ranked 24 on Forbes for best places to work and has over 300 stores throughout the U.S. The founder, Coulombe Trader Joe’s wanted to make Trader Joes’ a place where customers would enjoy to shop by creating a Hawaiian theme store that created a cheerful and happy environment (Anderson, 2013).
Part of the happy and cheerful environment is Trader Joe’s employees. The company offers wage and benefit packages that are far more competitive than other supermarket changes. The company focuses on hiring high energy employees who are loyal and dedicated to the Trader Joe’s culture. The company encourages employees to multitask and assist customers regardless of their job description and to be transparent to customers by collaborating as one team. Trader Joe’s also offers a leadership development program that focuses on management, leadership and communication skills. This relates to the Social Learning Theory to motivate others because mentoring is an important part of growing the company.
Trader Joe’s offers a very lucrative financial package to management and contributes to the employee’s retirement funds
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