Investigating Insulation Essay

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Investigating Insulation

Aim: To find out what type of insulation holds the most heat for a can containing heated water.


What factors will you be changing? The types of insulation

For what factor will you be recording readings? The temperaturelost

What equipment will you use to measure this factor? A thermometer

What factors will you keep constant to make it a fair test? Explain how you will keep each of these factors constant.

I will be keeping the starting temperature the same. I could maintain this by using a thermometer at the start of every experiment to keep the temperature the same. I will also use the same volume of water. This will be achieved by using a
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This then makes the particles vibrate a lot, which collides with other particles, moving the heat along. This is called conduction. Convection is when the particles have lots of heat to rise, and then they cool down and they sink. This is noticeable in colored liquid being heated. The 1st best insulator of heat will be the cotton wool with the lid, second will be the cotton wool on its own because it has no lid which means heat can be lost through convection waves through the lid, 3rd will be the bubble wrap because it has less air pockets than cotton wool, the cotton fibers contain more air, and finally last will be no insulation because heat is lost through all means. It's lost through conduction through the sides and through convection through the top. The encyclopedia of Encarta says, 'cotton wool has many fibers which have pockets of air which makes it a good insulator'. I also predict every 1 minute interval, 2 degrees Celsius of heat would have lost in the water.

Diagram of apparatus


I will be taking the temperature readings from a thermometer. I will repeat my experiment three times so I can get a good average of the set of results and so I can find any patterns

Preliminary work

I tested the starting temperatures. I thought I could
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