Investigating Misappropriation Of A Trade Secret?

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Can Walexron hold Lou Scannon responsible for misappropriation of a trade secret? Another case recorded in China, in which, Walexron entered into an agreement with Chuangxiang Toys in China. The trade relationship was aimed to rum the retail store in China for the sale of Toys in China and to manufacture remote control helicopters, in china with the name RC Ranger Helicopter W450. After the manufacturing of these toy helicopters, RC Ranger Helicopter W450, in china, the company Walexron planned to sale the helicopters to the overseas suppliers and to ensure its quality. For this purpose, Walexron also ensured quality control tests in order to ensure the quality and safety of the products before the delivery of the products to the stores for sale. While testing procedure, it was revealed that the helicopter has some manufacturing fault and it was a small indication that the helicopters had the potential to catch fire if the batteries overheat. Although, the risks of batteries were already identified, the executives of Walexron approved the design, which was completely against the ethical and legal consideration as well as completely against the security and safety policy of the company, as it can result in the serious injuries to children or anyone due to overheated batteries. After the approval from the executives of Walexron the toy helicopters were delivered to the Walexron’s stores in the United States, Canada, and South America. Although, no such accident was
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