Investigating New Sampling Strategies At Domain Level For Reliability Assessment

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Investigating New Sampling Strategies At Domain Level for Reliability Assessment ABSTRACT The objective of software testing technique is to expose failures. Testers prioritize inputs based on the acquired quality attribute, e.g., correctness, robustness, reliability, security. When high reliability is to be achieved, tester wishes to sample those failure-causing inputs that have the largest impact on failure probability. This is the procedure followed by techniques based on the expected operational profile to derive tests. Testing software pose many practical challenges for assessing or improving reliability. General Operational testing is a fundamental strategy that simulates the real usage of the system in order to expose failures with the highest occurrence probability. Testing relied on operational profile estimation, known as operational testing, is considered as the natural approach to test software for reliability assessment or improvement. The field of software testing that relates to testing a software 's ability to function, given environmental conditions, for a particular amount of time is called SRT(Software reliability testing). SRT discovers many problems in the design of software and functionality. The application of computer software is in different fields, with software being an essential part of industrial, commercial and military systems. Because of its many application,software reliability is now an important research area. Although software
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