Investigating Patterns Of Mortality Among Women Experiencing Violence

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Problem Formulation: This study aims to investigate patterns of mortality among women experiencing violence. The researcher’s identified the issue of exposure to violence as “a serious social problem” which has different effects on men and women. The article elaborated on these differences in which women are more often the victims of intimate partner violence whereas men tend to be subjected to violence by unknown perpetrators. Furthermore, the article emphasized that reporting as victims of violence varies significantly within the population, essentially due to the different meanings of “victim of violence” in other studies. The researcher’s provided thorough information on the effects of violence against women, these ranging from the harms faced to their autonomy as well as their reliability. In other cases may face troubles in relationships with family and friends, experience economic & social strains, and face serious health problems. The importance of this study is openly expressed by the article. The researcher’s draws attention by stating that the number of contacts with the health care services is much greater for women who are victims of domestic violence in comparison to those of physical disorders. The researcher’s also indicated that other factors such as age may contribute to the prevalence of violence and to the exposure to violence. The specific research question(s) asked: Do women victims of severe violence have an increased risk of premature death (a) in

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