Investigating Racism Essay

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Investigating Racism Introduction

Racism is the belief that there are characteristics, abilities, or qualities specific to each race. I have chosen racism as my topic as racism was a destructive reality in the past, and continues to be in a modern society. Although it is often denied, minimized or ignored, racism continues to shatter and destroy many people's lives and I believe that more people should be made aware of this important and controversial issue.

I plan to address the nature, different types and reasons for racism, and also describe the teachings of Christianity, including how Christians have not always had a very good record in the
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I asked this as I wanted to see how far people's ideas on racism differed from the textbook definition. I first asked the question to a thirteen year old friend, who replied "I think racism is when people show discrimination towards people who are a different colour to themselves. I think people who are white sometimes show prejudice towards black people and also the other way around. Racists are often violent"

I was given a more sophisticated reply from a twenty-five year old who responded "I consider that racism is the belief that some people are better than others for reasons only related to the characteristics and abilities held by different races. This is very similar to the dictionaries definition.

The final person I asked was a fifty year old who answered "I believe racism is when people impose unfair treatment or violence to people who belong to a different race to themselves. It is the belief that some races of people are better than others.

I asked these people a second question, which was; Do any events in the past stand out to you as being predominantly racist?

The first reply was "Yes, in World War Two the Germans were really racist. They thought that they were better than everybody else and that everyone else was a second-class citizen. I think the Germans liked people with blonde hair and blue eyes best, and they didn't like
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