Investigating Rocks And Sand : Addressing Multiple Learning Styles Through An Inquiry Based Approach Essay

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In Investigating Rocks and Sand: Addressing Multiple Learning Styles through an Inquiry-Based Approach, Oga and Schmidt, 2009, describe the way kindergarten teachers implemented inquiry based learning into their classrooms by integrating their students ' interest of rocks and sand into the curriculum. By nature humans are curious creatures, and this is seen from the time to when we are infants to the time when we are adults. Inquiry is an intrinsic learning strategy that we use to gather information from the day that we are born. (Ogu, U. & Schmidt, S. 2009). For this reason, "… it makes sense for teachers to use an inquiry-based approach in their curriculum." (Ogu, U. & Schmidt, S. 2009, p.2).
To begin the inquiry based learning process these teachers asked their students during their morning circle what they knew about rocks and sand. These questions were open-ended and invited constructive input while also validating prior knowledge. (Ogu, U. & Schmidt, S., 2009). Then to build on their students ' prior knowledge they observed the rocks and sand that the students have collected. The children, "… observed, documented, and discussed their findings in detail" (Ogu, U. & Schmidt, S., 2009, p.3).
In order to reach individual children the teachers,"… encouraged children to look closely, notice detail, pose questions, and reflect on what they learned" (Ogu, U. & Schmidt, S., 2009, p.5). I think that this is a great way to
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