Investigating Solubility And How It Is Effected By Ph And Polarity Essay

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Solubility and How it is Effected by pH and Polarity

By: Brian Hartman

September 24, 2015

Chapman University

Organic Chemistry 230 Lab

Different organic solvents can be used to isolate and purify organic compounds due to differences in the compounds solubility. The solubility of an organic compound and its interaction with water plays a key role in how our bodies function. These factors also effect how a target compound is extracted. One example of this is Aspirin. Aspirin can be extracted and purified using the technique learned in this experiment.
There are 3 main goals of this experiment. First, based on a compounds ' polarity one will learn how to use proper organic chemistry laboratory techniques to dissolve solutes in solvents. Second, one will observe the solubility of a compound based on the pH of the aqueous solvents. Third, one will estimate the efficiency of extraction by calculating the solubility of an organic compound in its solvent. This will help one determine which solvent is the best.
A basic rule for polarity is polar compounds dissolve in polar compounds and non polar dissolve in non polar. Polarity of an organic compound can be effected by the number of carbons in its chain and by the functional group connected to that chain. One example of how polarity effects solubility is when you put the NaCl (salt) in H2O (water). The positive charged dipole moment ends of the H2O molecule, the hydrogen, will surround the negative Cl
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