Investigating The Battle Of Shiloh

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For my battle analysis assignment, I have chosen to examine the battle of Shiloh. This battle began April 6 – 7 1862, in the Pittsburg Landing area of Tennessee. In Hebrew Shiloh, means “peace” nonetheless, this battlefield was far from a place of peace from April 6-7 1862. This battle was the bloodiest civil war battle to date and occurred between the Union and Confederate armies. Having analyzed the battle from multiple sources, I have discovered a number of operational, tactical, and logistical mistakes that contributed to the Confederate losses suffered. My sources include documentaries, historical videos, books, and articles from historians and civil war experts who have spent their lives studying and dissecting the civil war, its battles, commanders, and tactics. As part of my analysis, I will highlight the Confederate mistakes that could have produced a different outcome of this historical battle. In setting the stage for the battle of Shiloh let us first briefly discuss the civil war. The civil war began with its first battle on 12 April, 1861 at Fort Sumter, South Carolina to the last battle at Anderson, South Carolina on May 1, 1865 (Civil War Trust , 2014 ) between the Union and Confederate Armies. The civil war consisted of nearly 50 major battles; the battle of Shiloh was the first scandalous and essentially paramount battle. (Civil War Battles, 2016) The armies of the north were fighting to reunite the nation, while the armies of the south were fighting

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