Investigating The Best Market Fit For The Product

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Table of Contents Scope Statement 2 Company 2 Target Segment 2 Marketing Mix 2 Strengths and Weaknesses 3 Competitive Advantage 3 Competitor Environment 3 CAGE Distance Analysis 4 Comparing Australia – Vanuatu 4 Comparing Australia – Kiribati 5 Decision Framework – Country of Choice 7 Comparing Market Attractiveness: 7 Comparing Competitive Environment: 7 Comparing Growth Opportunities: 8 Comparing Potential Threats: 8 Reference List 9 Appendix 11 Appendix A1: 11 Appendix A2: 12 Appendix A3: 13 Appendix A4: 14 Appendix B: 15 Scope Statement: This report assesses the potential internalisation of Vitel Water’s prill beads into either the Vanuatu or Kiribati markets. Clean drinking water is scarce in both nations but they offer different advantages and risks. The purpose of this report is to assess the best market fit for the product. Company: The Company supplying the product is Vitel Water (Vitel). Vitel sell water purification sets using a product called Vitel Water Beads, or prill beads. Vitel is a family owned and run business operating out of Morton Bay, Queensland. Target Segment – Australia The market segment for prill beads in Australia is purified drinking water. Market research has shown that premium quality water substitutes such as purified, filtered and bottled water are seen as luxury items due to the abundance of quality Australian tap water (Wu, 2016). Nevertheless a growing health and wellness trend and rising disposable incomes have expanded the
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