Investigating The Co2 And Temperature Changes From The Outside Environment

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In this investigation, we were required to design our own self-sustaining ecosystem, and monitor the changes in temperature and CO2 levels. We compared the outside temperature and CO2 levels, to those of our ecosystem. Self-sustaining ecosystems are in the process of being designed tested, so that one day humans will be able to survive and thrive on other planets, like Mars. The outcome of our ecosystem was a failure, like all other previous attempts. Our ecosystem was too hot and had too higher CO2 levels, to be able to sustain the life of insects, and grow plants. This was because, we did not have enough fresh water, going into all the layers and fresh oxygen, as a result of no greenery growing. I believe, if we placed grown plants in our bottle at the start of our experiment, we would have had a very different outcome. Aim: In this practical we are going to investigate the CO2 and temperature changes from the outside environment, compared to our ecosystem in a bottle. We are also creating a fully self-sustaining ecosystem in a bottle, which needs to grow a type of plant and provide a habitable environment for an insect/animal. Hypothesis: I believe that the temperature and CO2 levels inside our ecosystem will be a lot higher than outside the bottle. I also do not think that our insects or plants will survive and thrive, because there is not enough oxygen in the bottle, and it is too hot. Other groups that have plants and water in their bottle, will have lower CO2
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