Investigating The Conflicts Within Organizations And Will Be Concentrate On Its Specific Source Of Conflicts

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This paper will aim to analysis and discuss the conflicts within organisation and will be concentrate on its specific source of conflicts. It will also focus on the recent main issues within electronic manufacturer which the phenomenon of suicide and over work time, with regard of the economical environment. In addition, political environment and interpersonal relationship which will influencing conflicts will be considered in this paper. Such source of conflicts appear increasingly prevalent within the organisation such as bullying, interpersonal conflicts, job authority. Although some of the organisational conflicts can be resolved to some extent (McKenzie, 2015), this article will emphasis on the conflicts that related to
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However, there is a survey demonstrated that managers in Canada spend an average 3 hours of work time and extra 4.5 hours on organizational conflict every week (LeBlanc, 2010) which shows that organisational conflict bring negative impacts to workplace. It is obviously that high conflict in workplace reveal high turn over, grievance, lower productive force, human rights complaints and absenteeism (Byrnes and Cascio, 1984). As a result, it is considered that the issues, problems and disputes are inevitable in chaotic and kaleidoscopic workplace in nowadays because of the content changes(McDermott & Berkeley, 1996).

Conflict is a term without a clear definition for the reason that different descriptions by scholars. Cooper’s definition of conflict is relative complicated which defined it as a coalition of relating interests (Cooper, 2003). In general, conflict is that difference perspectives and interests between individuals and groups (Thompson, 2011). Whitfield (2012) set down conflict as a state of opposition or hostilities, in addition, stated conflict in organization a verb as to struggle, contend or contradict. To be more specific, conflict is one of the significant phenomenon happens in workplace which then Pony (1967) divided it to three types which are bargaining conflict, bureaucratic conflict and systems conflict. Moreover, Whitfield also proposed that wide ranging and varied are the principle reason that cause conflict in
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