Investigating The Effect Of Concentration On Conductivity:.

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Investigating the effect of concentration on conductivity: The relationship between Salinity of Water and Voltage As someone living in Mississauga, I’ve always had a chance to be near one of the biggest lakes in the world, Lake Ontario. However, ever since I was a child, I was always told not to swim in the lake because it’s dirty, it would make me sick, etc. However, I realized that while by our first world standards the water is dirty, it’s still quite clean. This made me think: some of the water in the 3rd world countries across the world must have horrible quality of water. If we find the visually clean water in Lake Ontario to be dirty because of other properties, how can we tell if the water is clean or not? I did some research…show more content…
Tape 2 7.5cm metal rods to each end of the beaker, ensuring they are secured safety and are stable. Attach the alligator clips to the beaker and metal rod. Attack the currently unattached clip to the metal rod conneted to the 20mA LED. Take another wire and clip it to the other terminal of the LED from step 5, while attaching the unattached end to a terminal of the second LED. Take the fourth fire that is completely detached and clip it to the other terminal of the second LED. Attach the unclipped ends of the fourth wire and the first wire to each terminal of the 7.5V battery. Add 5g of salt to the beaker and mix. Measure the potential difference with a multimeter. Record the voltage displayed by the meter. Repeat this 10 times to show ten trials. Repeat measurements for all increments of salt. Raw Data Salt Concentration ± 1 gram Trial Number 5 g 10 g 15 g 20 g 25 g Voltage (V) ± 0.01 V 1 3.52 3.15 2.86 2.47 2.18 2 3.45 3.14 2.81 2.47 2.16 3 3.54 3.12 2.82 2.46 2.18 4 3.49 3.17 2.83 2.45 2.14 5 3.54 3.15 2.85 2.47 2.18 6 3.56 3.18 2.86 2.42 2.20 7 3.50 3.17 2.89 2.40 2.16 8 3.47 3.18 2.86 2.47 2.15 9 3.53 3.14 2.86 2.47 2.18 10 3.55 3.11 2.85 2.43 2.18 Salt Concentration Uncertainty The measuring spoon used is accurate to a gram, therefore the error present is double the smallest measurement. Voltage Uncertainty The voltmeter is accurate to +0.005 V, therefore the error is double the smallest measurement. Processed data I will
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