Investigating The Effect Of Ph On The Reaction Of A Poultry ( Enzyme ) Reaction Essay

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I am going to examine how hydrogen peroxide (acidic fluid) will modify the outcome of a poultry (enzyme) reaction.

Observe and record what happens when enzymes (chicken) are added to different amounts of acid (hydrogen peroxide) mixed with water. The activity level of these enzymes will differ and be dependent upon several factors, such as consistency, size and shape of the molecule. Specific factor will be the concentration enzyme and substrate. I will conduct a controlled experiment to determine the influence of pH on the enzyme catalase and the release of oxygen.

Acidic fluid on an enzymatic would react in different ways based on the strength of the acid solution. The stronger the acid solution, there will be more of a reaction and the stronger the base solution, there will be less of the reaction.

Pre-lab Hypothesis
1. What do you expect to happen when an enzyme is added to an acid?
a. The acid will cause the enzyme to release oxygen in the form of bubbles and will eventually dissolve the enzyme if given a long enough time frame.

2. Is Hydrogen Peroxide an acid or a base? Why?
a. Hydrogen Peroxide is a weak acid with PH level of 6.2, but it is still an acid.

3. What would happen if a stronger base ratio compared to a stronger acid ratio was used?
a. There would not be much of a reaction at all because the base does not have a strong enough PH level to break down the enzymes.

4. Which solution between the acid and the base do I
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