Investigating The Failure Of Project Management Essay

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Project management is becoming more and more important in the development of the any country. Many organizations have used project management techniques to assist in reducing the failures and increasing success in implementation of projects. Although there is an increasing of awareness in project management by different organizations, projects continue to fail.

The main aim of this study is to investigate the causes of project failure and how they can be prevented, handled and controlled. Researchers have conducted studies to investigate why projects fails for many years now, with various researchers, companies and institutions providing reasons which they believe leads to the failure of projects. Despite the reasons given as to why projects fail, projects continue to fail, Atkinson (1999)

This research is meant not only to add information to the body of knowledge that already exists, but also to analyze the major issues currently causing projects to fail; this will help companies to manage projects better in future. In order to avoid project failure, we have to properly determine and agree upon the criteria for measuring project success. The criteria commonly used include; cost, quality and time. Then we need to determine the causes of project failure.

1.1 Research background

Projects make an important contribution to the society, hence the growth of a nation’s economy. We cannot emphasize the importance of projects in the development
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