Investigating The National Check Fraud Center

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Individuals should take the time to carefully review their bank statement in order to help secure their own accounts and the things that banks overlook.

Inks that will make a Criminal Rethink

The National Check Fraud Center recommends for people to change the type of pen that he or she signs with in order to protect him or her from falling victim to this crime. The majority of both ballpoint pens and dark-inked markers have a rich dye base. This simply means that switching pen types can help protect individuals from check washing. There are security pens that have a completely different ink base. Among water-resistant inks, the inks’ gel does not allow fluid to pass through it making it a safer pen. Gel pens have been found to be the most impervious pens and have been discovered as counterfeit-proof pens. These counterfeit pens are secure from acetone and many other chemicals used in check washing. According to a recent study performed by the National Check Fraud Center, a specific and inexpensive pen called Uniball 207 makes check washing much more difficult for the check washers. The Uni-ball pen has been around for over 125 years. Originally made of wood, this pen was first started in 1887 by “Niroku Masaki and ten employees in Tokyo… with these wooden pens history begins.” When check washing became a serious problem worldwide the Uni-ball company business leaders began attempting to create a pen to trump all others. Only a few years ago did this company create the

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