Investigating The Primary Function Of It 's Doing Well Or Needs Improvement? Essay

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1. What is the primary function of this area? Describe. The primary function of materials management is distribution of supplies throughout the hospital. They provide items such as: medical equipment, disposable supplies and linens. 2. How does this area’s function contribute to the overall mission of the organization? Materials management function contributes to the overall mission of the organization by serving patients. They strive to do what is right for the patient by providing the right product to the right patient at the right price. This process also allows them to better serve the community. 3. How does this area recognize that it’s doing well or needs improvement? What tools and reports to support your conclusion? This area of the hospital recognizes that it 's doing well by the different metrics that corporate has established. Such as: slow moving inventory, inventory turns and stock outs. These reports are sent once a month to let material management know how well they are doing. The report uses a grading system based on color. • Green: Good • Yellow: Fair • Red: Poor 4. What types of information systems are involved (bar coding, inventory control, Lawson, purchasing software)? Explain how these are used. Is any aspect out-sourced? Bar coding, handheld scanners and inventory control helps keep track of the equipment. According to the manager of materials management all inventory processes are through Lawson. No aspects are out-sourced. 5. Describe

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