Investigating The Procurement Methods And Give An Advice For Select A Precise Method

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The aim of this report is to give the client the brief of the procurement methods and give an advice to select a precise method to select as per his/her requirements. Client’s requirements include a house in a good location with ocean views, the house is to have good architectural design qualities, a well-built house with a few if any defects on completion, they are particularly concerned about leaky buildings syndrome, reliability in terms of the house being delivered within timelines and budget once agreed.
The main objectives of the client are:
• House in a good location with ocean views.
• Architectural design qualities.
• Few defects on completion.
• Delivered within a time period and specified budget.
Purpose of this report includes:
• Discussing the different procurement methods, it’s advantages and disadvantages according to client’s needs.
• Finding the risks the client has to face.
• To find the most suitable procurement method based on client’s requirement.
From the client requirements, it’s clear that client needs specific innovative design, good quality and should be completed on time and budget.
3.1 Package deal (integrated)
The package deal method is a method which is frequently used when the contractors opposing uses an important portion of their individual or another patented building system or else they will be building with many variations in theme. It is a method of integrated procurement
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