Investigating The Relationship Between Parents On How They Deal With Child Rearing

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The aim of this research paper is to investigate relationship between parents on how they deal with child-rearing as a couple wanting their child to become a well-rounded little person. Parents’ positive and negativism of excessive high standards tend to be negatively linked with indulgent parenting child rearing practices. Child Rearing in Infancy This research essay will focus on some of the thoughts and obstacles a parent might face in child rearing in infancy Parenting styles plays a pivotal role in the development, psychological and social cognitive growth which greatly affect a child, to adulthood. We want children to be physical, emotional and intellectual developed from a child to infancy to adulthood. Child rearing styles are practiced across the country. Parents who are considered as influential masterful, caring, the use of praise, and tend apply sensible practical strategies, while still providing a warm and fostering atmosphere and surroundings, will promote for growth and development in infancy (Timpano et al.2015) The two child rearing styles my research will focus on are Authoritarian parenting style identified by Baumrind which these parents have very high expectation of their child or children, to be obedience, above all else, strict, no room for negotiation making these children less confident in themselves. This is the main temperament, controlling of the child. This styles of parenting will no doubt have the child feeling unloved. According to
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